Meet the Founder

Wayne Anderson
Founder & Executive Director

Wayne Anderson is the Founder and Executive Director of OutlierZ, a platform that collaborates with social icons, athletes, actresses/actors, entertainers, musicians & social influencers by providing campaign ideas that features the objective that “Good is the New Cool” and intersects the expectation that a program can inspire by having content that elevates a higher regard for consciousness.

OutlierZ unlocks a broader platform for fund-raising as our goal is to capture these experiences through “deliverable content” by sharing our campaign model with the masses through story telling.

Charities are often limited and face immense competition in their efforts to raise funding and brand awareness for their causes which places constraints that present barriers, thereby, disallowing the opportunity to maximize their full potential and the execution to their causes.

Our platform, along with our ambassadors, combined with our creative campaign strategies, are designed to maximize fund-raising for each of the ambassadors and their respected charities that they care about as they “share joy” and fulfill the challenging obstacle of fund-raising for the respected foundations and the great work they do while generating tremendous brand awareness to that foundation.

“Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow”…Jim Kelly